Welcome to CHARMS

Collaboration Hub - Advocacy for Reproductive & Menstrual Services (CHARMS)

What is CHARMS?

CHARMS stands for Collaboration Hub - Advocacy for Reproductive & Menstrual Services. This is a platform where students, young professionals, researchers, businesses - pretty much anyone interested in advancing reproductive & menstrual health in Canada can connect with each other, share resources, and promote their events.

Our vision is to create an inclusive, safe, virtual community where we can come together to cheer each other on and learn about menstrual health.  

How to join CHARMS

You can join CHARMS in two ways:
1) Receive a direct invitation link from a friend who is on our platform.

2) Fill out a short form on our website (freeperiods.ca) to request an invitation.

Once you sign up, we ask that you upload a picture and a short bio. This process helps us ensure that our community is safe and inclusive.

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